im-not-a-loser asked:
Getting the back of a stud jammed under your fingernail.


im-not-a-loser asked:
Wanting to make a SHARP patch because you don't want to be mistook for a nazi.
Anonymous asked:
People who post "smash capitalism" from their apple iphone

hahahaha that’s a good one

the-punk-prophet asked:
When your hair looks the bollocks then it starts to rain


yoerirazors asked:
Having long hair for over 5 years and wanting a mohawk really bad :I

i know your pain

Anonymous asked:
having some ex-police officer come up to you and say i used to shoot punks like you. that happened like.. today.

still assholes even after they leave the force haha

Anonymous asked:
getting your foot caught in the holes of your jeans and when girls come up to you and tell you just how 'cute' your jacket it... that irks the hell out of me...

"I DIDNT MAKE THIS SHIT TO BE CUTE" - i actually have said this before

Anonymous asked:
When people don't know that Emo evolved from hardcore punk, and the emo kids don't know who Rites of Spring or Jawbreaker are, and that true Emo is basically hardcore punk with artsy lyrics.
tetc-lives asked:
When your bootlaces snap and none of the shoe stores sell laces that are long enough.
beyondwhatis asked:
Having to shave the sides of your Mohawk every two weeks.